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"Work with text not just as content,
treat “text as a user interface”.
- Oliver Reichenstein-

Illustration: M. Del Rosario © Hyborn Studios

The earliest known alphabet dates back to 600 BC written in Old Latin script. It later transformed into Roman capitals carved on walls and stones. The Roman cursive was used for sentences or long messages which developed into uncial letters during the 3rd century and became known as Calligraphy.

It was not until the rise of the manuscript period during the 10th century that hand written text had a huge demand. There was the influx of information in astronomy, botany, anatomy of the human body, medicine and specialty herbs. The task of handrwiting, copying and illuminating these manuscripts were dedicated to monastic scribes whose initial duties were copying the Sacred Scripture. Ink and brush on vellum or parchment paper became their canvass for creativity ...

ancient scripture image
10th Century Scripture
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